The Off-Road Division of N&N Trailers was created in 2015 in response to an idea stemming from a family passion: outdoor activities in the forest. On our family’s wooded lot, we quickly realized that a lot of equipment was necessary for property maintenance and for the various jobs to be done. We then made the connection with our trailer business to fill in the gaps in off-road transportation. We wanted to provide our clients with a line of trailers that would allow them to work in off-road conditions. Many people have ATVs, tractors, or side-by-side vehicles, and spend time doing outdoor work.

Our Off-Road Division offers two products that give a good helping hand with transporting a variety of materials, and with certain specific activities, such as felling trees or hunting. This Division is intended to assist the general public, loggers, hunters, and farm owners, who will be delighted with this line-up of off-road trailers. With their durability and reliability, our off-road trailers will provide you with a lot of pleasure and will be very