VT 2484 model

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Platform length: 84 in.
Platform width: 24 in.
Weight when empty: 275 lbs.
Trailer length: 124 in.
Trailer width: 50 in.
Ball coupler: 2 in.
Coupler length: 40 in.
Tire size: AT22X11-8 @ 20 PSI, 1,000-lb. cap., 4-ply
Load capacity: 1,500 lbs.
Tire traction (width): 40.5 in.
Ground clearance: 14 in.
Deck height: 17 in.
Width between the posts at the top: 42 in.




¾X9R Mesh decking: Makes it possible to transport small logs or other materials.

Hot-dip galvanized: PFor rust protection that will last for many years. Easy to maintain.

8 removable posts for 1¾ X 1¾ wood: Allows for stacking wood in 4-ft.-by-8-ft. cords. Can be disassembled easily.

1½ X 3 X 1/8 tube chassis: Heavy-duty, yet lightweight material.

2½ X 2½ X 1/8 rod in a tube

Tandem system that can be greased at the centre of the wheel hub pivot: Helps to reduce friction between the parts.

5-stud wheel hubs: An industry standard—you can use various wheel sizes with these hubs, as needed.

1-in. wheel bearing: Grease-lubricated bearing system.

High-performance ATV tire, 22X11 4-ply, floating: Provides good flotation, efficient in the woods.


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$150/pair | # OF-003

Allow for the crosswise stacking of 48-in. logs. The tubes protect the tires. They are removable and can easily be adjusted. They are covered with an epoxy primer.




$2 295,00

Log clamp. 3000-lb. winch. Deep-cycle battery. Hook and remote control. Swivelling head. Lightweight. Fast and easy disassembly.